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CCcam sever at lowest prices

CCcam sever at lowest prices

Grab now our Premium Pay CCcam server and get most of channels in your home. More than 20 Loadbalancing servers providing backup to main server to provide you an 99.9% of CCcam server uptime.

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Explore our reseller system

Explore our reseller system

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Support by our team

Support by our team

With every thing you need you can always rely on our team for help and support

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  • VPN system
  • AntFreeze System
  • Real Local cards

Premium 1 year

55 €
  • Premium CCcam server
  • 20 Loadbalancers
  • IPTV channels FOR FREE
  • VPN system
  • AntFreeze System
  • Real Local cards


FREE IPTV Plan will be provided upon subscribing and it consists from popular channels all around world and also VOD movies which are updated weekly.

Plan will be active for whole your subscription period completly FREE. It can be used on Smart TV, PC, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Android Box, Enigma 2, MAG Devices.

This is revolutionary pricing costing you 0 EUR. Gain advantage by subscribing with us. It will be provided you completly free of charge and automatically after order.


AntiFreeze Protection


Server Uptime


Support rating


Server rating

Package Update 03.06.2020- Neosat Bulgaria added to our offer, Dolce TV Romania added to our offer, Travel XP 4K on 13.0 E, added to our offer, TV3 SPORT HD Denmark added to our offer.
Package Update 25.02.2020- UPC Cablecom Swiss added to our offer, D Smart Turkey added to our offer, Max TV added to our offer,PYUR Cable Germany added to our offer
Package Update 09.12.2019- SKY DE fully available in our offer including SKY 1 HD and DAZN and Trendsport Package
Package Update 09.12.2019- Viasat Sweden with HD channels added to our offer including Viasat Sports
Package Update 16.09.2019- Telesat Belgium New card added.
Channels Update 16.09.2019- Eleven Sport Belgium added
Channel Update 14.07.2019- Added MYZEN 4K ULTRA HD Satellite 13.0E
Channel Update 14.07.2019- Added AustriaSat Private package (Austrian Versions)
Package Update 02.01.2019- EXCLUSIVE: Added NC+ 4K on Hotbird 13 East and Love Nature 4K 13 East.
Server Update 17.11.2018- Additional optimization on Reseller system API calls.
Server Update 10.11.2018- New CCcam Loadbalancing server added for Western Europe region.
Package Update 31.07.2018- New: Orange Sat 16E added, Antik Sat SK added
Package Update 02.08.2018- New HD+ card added, New ORF card added.
Package Update 07.06.2018- New: Bis TV part of channels working only
Server Update: 28.05.2018: Improved Loadbalancing system.
Package Update 02.05.2018- New Skylink card 0624 was added
Package Update 26.04.2018- 4K Channels added: RTL UHD 19.2 EAST, HD+ UHD, TRAVEL XP 4K
Package Update 13.04.2018- 0931 card Viasat Ukraine was added

Update 19.10.2020- Canal + Poland 4K not working at moment. New Encryption is set.
Update 08.07.2020- Virgin Media cable not working anymore. Complete encryption change. Channels are available through IPTV
Update 11.05.2020- Viasat Sweden not working at moment. New Encryption settings.
Update 17.12.2019-   FIX: Canal Plus Poland 4K require SKIP CW CHECK for caid 1884 in order to work
Here is example: disablecrccws_only_for = 0500:030B00;1819:00006D;09C4:000000;098C:000000;1884:000000;
Update 16.04.2019- ISSUE: SKY DE channels now run only over OSCAM clients. Contact us for more details
Update 09.12.2018- ISSUE: Viasat / AMB Baltics not working.Please be aware
Update 18.05.2017- ISSUE: SKY UK not working.Please be aware
Update 02.05.2018- ISSUE: MAX TV not working.Please be aware




In order to proceed with instalation, following requirments must be fullfiled.

  • Enigma 2 receiver, with latest image loaded.
  • Channel list and connection cable inserted, with signal on required frequencies.
  • Windows PC
  • Normal internet connection ( at least 10 mbps stable connection )
  • Default password for access to box, or password known to you.What service will we provide?
  • We will install and configure Oscam.

Contact and support

Our support team is available 7 days a week and 365 days year.
You can contact us on one of following emails 
[email protected]
 or through form below.

Who we are, and what we offer?

We are best cccam server.For large number of our clients we offer premium content without freeze.
Also there are always in use 50 cards for maximum stability.With number of 95 % of users who extend their lines
We are top Europe cardsharing provider.We have very good and fast support, which can answer on almost all questions about this.
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So, our main advantage is super fast response time for our premium users

CCcam Server

Our CCcam server is rated as number 1 in Europe. Providing best verified cccam user experience under lowest prices for Europe connections
For that , we use more than 20 Loadbalancing servers. Every server if usage is high, automaticly balances client line for best possible cccam server work
We recently addopted Anti Freeze protocol completly developed by main server. It is 16.1 16x revision . 32 times faster then regular anti freeze

CCcam with VPN

Also, our team developed completely VPN secure protection for every user and on every payable cccam server
We provide fastest Zap times on all packages available on CCcam servers.
The main advantage of our offers is Price / Overal quality cccam service
At a very cheap price, you will get perfect quality
Our users are completely satisfied in our Premium CCcam server products
Despite other offers on market, we provide CCcam test from real production server
You can check quality and strength of our network by testing it
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Why to choose Premium CCcam server

Because only we provide real cards, real support, real reviews. Our customer support is available every day for you
We do Smart routing and load balancing of your line before we deliver you your details, and our system automatically moves you to closest server based on your location
Also, we have improved latency on all our CCcam servers, by implementing Server VPN system
All our servers are behind VPN. Such optimized servers provide you lowest possible zapping time and lowest time to receive your data package

Where dreams come true

Enjoy in best-rated service, Enjoy in stunning High definition picture, with fastest zapping times on our service
All that is provided by PremiumCCcam CCcam server. We could not accomplish all that without 5 stars rated customer support service
Also, We are here to help you with every your need or every question
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Best CCcam Server providing first class instances with best quality and Best CCcam Server side work.

By using latest redundant technology can offer you high premium quality and wide range of all other services such as instalation, setup directly on your decoding box.

We are dedicated to our happy members.

Currently, on the market, you can find a lot of offers which call themselves a Premium CCcam server.

But most of the people choose our service and product for their CCcam partner.

Since we provide a free test of cccam server, you can easily see the quality that is provided with our solution, which relays on Antifreeze protection and as well on CDN signal delivery, which will boost your CCcam viewing times a lot.

We call you to test our service and see what we offer.

Facts about Best CCcam server

Recomended devices are always Linux Enigma 2 based. They provide latest and up to date software and drivers for access to Premium CCcam or Premium Oscam. Beside that they are also supporting IPTV. Such receivers are in price range 80-90 + EUR and will do job good.

Using our Oscam setup script, you will install oscam in just few seconds on your Enigma 2 device.
Oscam will be fully configured to access to Premium Best CCcam Server

We also provide setup tutorials, which will in any hand make instalation easier for you, even if you are not too much technical person.
Easy setup of Oscam Server is one of our system advantages.
If you on other hand decide to start Reseller panel with us, then you will find one fully functional and easy to use Reseller panel. It will give you such freedom in your work where you are able to do all managment with few clicks of mouse. Reason to choose our CCcam reseller system is big. Full mangment of your lines. Easy credit top up to your panel. Ticket system. Email notification for line expiration. On top of that such panel is backed up with more than 20 Loadbalancing CCcam servers.

Why we are Best CCcam Server?

CCcam. community is ranked as Best CCcam Server in Europe.

Our ranking is mostly releated to few things. We provide real local cards, we have very good and fast support team, we support resellers, and we will give you IPTV for free.

Considering that through our CDN system, you will have fastest times, we are ranked as Premium Pay Best CCcam Server.

How to use and connect to CCcam Server?

Connection to Best CCcam server is very easy. Enter details in your device desired fields, and start using it in few minutes. Other option is to use our auto install script.

Using our CCcam server, you will have access to large number of channels. Using our CDN syste, you will have fast times.

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Best Oscam Server

Providing best quality Oscam Server access. Easy instalation, lot of cards, hiqh quality zap times. CDN boosted Oscam Server located in Europe.